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May 27, 2010


*Dave calls Charlie and tells him he needs to get over his house ASAP..    (Charlie is Daves Friend and Neighbor).

*note:names are ficticious and in no way are intended to represent actual people ,places, or actual conversation. This conversation was completely ficticious, and the references to cartoons and/or actual television shows are for that only, References.

Dave:What was the emergency man?  Is the Baby coming man....need me to help watch the dogs while you take Chrissy to the E.R.?

Charlie: I want you to be Jax' s Godfather! No, the baby is not here yet, and yes you can watch the dogs..thx , but seriously.  I want you to be The Godfather!  But first we have to go through some questions!

Dave: Really Charlie? Thats awesome man...shoot the questions then.

Charlie:Do you think you could love my son If I couldn't?

Dave: I don't think that is what Godfather means...

Charlie: If someone is giving my kid shit...could you whack him?

Dave: What???

Charlie: I mean could you "Have" them "Takin Care of"???

Dave:  Where do you get this from?

Charlie:  I want you to be Godfather to my son Dave....I'll ask the questions here okay????

Dave: But.....

Charlie: DAVE!!!! Shut up let me finish your going to mess up the fung Shway of the whole conversation!!

Dave: Fine!

Charlie: Whatever happened to Cartoons showing you Awesome ass shit man?

Dave: What do you mean?

C:   I mean like Looney Toons and Popeye, Thundercats and Voltron,  These shows taught me so much, but in a cool way.... I want to make sure we have the same Ideals....Popeye for instance told me even if the girl really says no....If you eat enough spinach and kick the shit out of the competition....you have a pretty good shot of that NO becoming Yes...

D: As in, " Yes Mr. Jones you ARE going to jail for Stalking and assault"?

C: Okay .........what about Voltron...What did you learn from that show?huh?

D: That if we work together we can achieve anything?!

C: Pussy!

D: Excuse me? What was the right answer then?

C:  That if someone fucks with you hard enough...just get your dudes to come along with and form a Gang...get some cool shit because of it and seriously commence the ass kickin' on whatever it was that was fucking with you!!!    Know what I mean....It's all in your head!  Voltron made me see the Light......Thundercats though.......Changed my life.!.!.!

D: How the hell....

C: Roids man...how else was the youngest one, minus the gay cat kids, the Fuckin Leader man!??? 

D: Are you seriously saying "ROIDS" is what you got from Thundercats? Not Leadership, Honesty, Doing the right thing???

C: Nope.

D: Seriou........

C: Hear me out.    Panthra should have been the leader...But back in the early days "Panthers" Could not be in positions of power.

D: By "PANTHERS" are you referencing African Americans?

C: What are you some sort of racist?   Fuck man....Don't try to put that hate in my heart. ...

D: What? I....NO.....Not what .....I called them African Americans!!!!!

C: All blacks are not from Africa Jerk......

D: I was not.....you know what I don't want to be your Sons Godfather man.......Fuck off!!!!!

C: Good... I don't want that kind of crazy talk around my kid!!

(Look of dis-belief from Dave, as he laughs , Flips the bird to Charlie, And exits saying: ....)

D: You are an Ignorant, Un-realistic, Pretentious,Buffoon!

C: I don't even know what that means man.....But I don't like your tone......You still gonna watch my dogs????

  THE END!