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running out of booze, and party favorites, and having no entourage of hot poontang, can really give you a wakeup call

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September 09, 2011

It all started when I finally realized something when my dick started talking to me and said what the fuck are you doing, seriously i need to get layed and you better get high you've got no game anymore

dear braindead guy in my head, i think its time, to put down the mic, and go and score some seriously hot pussy, and go and get really fucking high and go to a fucking orgy already, before you just die and rot away, because you suck at what you do and have nothing to sing about, because your not high enough, and pounding as many ho bags as you can, fuck highly sighris and lindsay hobag are more fun, and get more pussy then you, and they are both fucked out of there tree, so stop drop the mouse, shut down your screen, pop some pills, lite a fatty, have brew, and head to a place that is covered with wall to wall pussy and boots, you will literally not no what to do or say and just bang yourself silly, until you you cant walk and then come back and make some fucking music instead of this fucking crap your making, seriously, there will be lots of time to make this bullshit thats coming out of your ass, when your fucking left for dead at the seniors home, stuck in your fucking depends, until then you can still breath and walk, so get the fuck to the club, you fucking dick burger, and get into a bun already.