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October 11, 2009


Oh, hey there. I'm Kerblotto.
I figured, there's never enough blogs out there, so in addition to my blog, Kerblotto, I figure the FOD market could bear some uninspiredly mediocre clap trap.

One time when I was sixteen or seventeen, I worked in a college cafeteria. At the end of one shift, there was an extra chocolate cake. My manager said, hey anybody want this cake. I said I sure do. As I was walking home, I passed a nice-looking convertible. Top down, white leather seats. I threw the cake in the convertible.
To this day, some 15 years later, I can remember smashing that cake in the car, and I'll still laugh.

I don't know. How about this one: Have you heard diarrhea is genetic? Yes, it runs in your jeans.