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May 08, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #52

Introducing: Cody Matherson's debut album "Can I Borrow A Feelin' "
And The Greatest Use of a Quote that Sounds Like it's from the Movie "Uncle Buck", Ever Award goes to:
No, but...Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!
(~Buck 'Melanoma')

9. Neither the Aspergers nor the Strabismus would stop Cody from putting out a very literal album for his fans.

8. Why doesn't he just say....Can I cop a feel ?

7. Including his heartfelt interpretation of "Marty Feldman Eyes".

6. "C'mon, Cody, we need a smile. It's your album, dude! Okay, just think of that time the school librarian noticed you had a boner when you fell asleep during study hall."

5. Help me out here: Is my thinking you're ugly a feeling? I guess not, but I'm glad I said it.

4.75. Can I borrow your couch? Just for a night, maybe two...

4.5.Can I borrow some 80's porn on VHS?

4. Can I borrow a pair of black and white checkered Vans? No, I don't need no socks...thanks.

3. Yes. Here's some self-loathing.

2. Cody was pleasantly surprised when Boston's singer Brad Delp gave him "More than a Feeling"

1.5."Thanks, man, here's your feelin' back."
"Um, no, you keep it. Yes, I'm QUITE sure."

1. All we have left from the bail-out are sub-prime hunches.