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October 17, 2008


Picture a 30 foot wide hallway.Now picture a popcorn spill possibly 10 foot long 4 or 5 foot wide on the one side of the hallway.Scattered 75 to 100 little pieces.While waiting for the attendant to show up with the broom and dustpan,I noticed that 1 in 4 or 5 people walked right through the debris.The mess it seemed was rather magnetic.All of them could have easily missed the mess.

I now reflect back to when I was a boy,heading for that mudpuddle to play in it.My mother would tug at my arm with a stern "dont chu dare,youve got your new shoes on and clean cloths."If the tug did not deter me,a crack in the back of the head did.She always won! But when she wasnt around I headed right for that damn puddle,new cloths or not.

I wasnt even slightly upset at those people for spreading the mess around.I totally understand that it is a childhood disease.And that all are not cureable.Thank goodness!