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July 06, 2009


One of the things I love about my town is the neo-yuppie demographic. Afterall, its my target demographic (on several levels.)

Earlier today, I walked my friend back up to the PATH train so that they could promptly reach their destination: home. After bidding adieu, I proceeded to turn around to back to my apartment, passing American Apparel along the way. What I saw outside of that store is still haunting me. Essentially, AA was having a bit of a sidewalk sale, and there were a few groups of friends hanging outside, in the area between said store and Starbucks.

This is basically what I saw:

hipster fashion

Um - no. No, no.  I get it. It's the first nice day of the summer season.  But, that doesn't give you the excuse to dress like a douche.  The tight jean phenomena is one thing, but if you're SERIOUSLY planning to wear tight jeans cut off around the knee, you're better off just not leaving your apartment.  You look like a fool.

You know what else pisses me off?  People who look like they took one article of clothing (regardless of matching) from each of their drawers.  Shirt - check!  Bottoms of some sort - check!  Shoes - check!  But in actuality, nothing goes together.  Like, they think it's some sort of style to just put together an outfit that is most likely to NOT match -- and this is STYLE? No, this is what an 8-year-old getting dressed sans Mommy does.  Get real.  Like Miley Cyrus for instance.  Homegirl is a millionaire.  Why on Earth would she want to look like this?  What's the STYLE here?  She couldn't afford a $5 pair of pantyhose?

miley cyrus hipster

Some other Hipster fashion I'm OVER:

Tight Jeans - I JUST DON'T GET THEM. When girls wear tight shirts, they've either a) gained weight, thereby not fitting properly or b) want to show off their goodies. Is that what's to be concluded for reasons guys wear these tight pants? Or, should we believe that perhaps they have no desire to procreate (yea, tight jeans are NOT good for the swimmers.) I can see your junk - I get it. But guess what? Your pants are not in the least bit turning anyone on (at least if they're straight) so I'm not necessarily concerned with the size of your package. Honestly, it's offensive. I do NOT like to see men in tight pants. I don't know if I'm more offended by that or by the looks I get when I'm wearing a tight shirt.
hipster tight jeans

I've mentioned this in previous a previous post, but I just think Hipsters (which I believe is a derogatory word to the troop) are to 2009 what Goth was to 1999. OVER IT.

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