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June 02, 2009


So 2 weeks ago I started doing Stand-Up. Here's an excerpt from my first set. Let me know what you think. Bear in mind these "jokes" are actually true stories(except the part about the midget.....so far):

 How're you guys doing tonite? I'm Narado, Rod for short, and yes.........I have fucked a midget. The sex was always good, but a little too good and I always came too fast. Who would've thought that between myself, at 6'1'', and the midget.....I'd be the one coming up short!

  If you see me squirming around the crotch area tonite don't worry, it's not Herpes. What happened was I Naired my meat and two veg earlier today, left it on too long, and now I have a chemical burn on my right nut!.

  That reminds me of the heartwarming tale of a romantic evening I spent with a nubile co-ed while I was matriculating at the University of Montevallo: So I had just gotten through banging some bitch whose name I couldn't remember then nor now. So as we're lying there she says she's ready for round two. Since she was lying closer to the dresser I told her to reach over, grab the lube, slather it on her cuntflaps, and we can do this. So she grabs the lube, slathers it on her cuntflaps, and 5 seconds later she says "This stuff is hot". Since I had a bottle of K-Y Warming Sensations I said "Yeah, it's supposd to warm you up", to which she replies " Narado, it really burns". At that moment I'm thinking "Ohhhh no". I ask her to pass me the bottle she used, I turn it over, and it reads " Purex Hand Sanitizer"!! So I'm laughing my ass off, she's sitting on my toilet pouring cold cups of water on her pussy, and I thought "Well I guess we don't have to use a condom this time because neither sperm nor std's could POSSIBLY live in her pussy for the next 3 to 6 hours" !