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April 06, 2012

A recap of "The Hunger Games" that consists entirely of puns. NOTE: Some perishables inside.




Just watched “The Hunger Games” – it was the best movie I’ve Everdeen! The plot, for those who don’t know, is about a dystopian future where kids are offered up as tribute to fight to the death on live TV. Participating in these games can be very self-district12. Effie-r name is drawn, get ready for some trouble with a Capitol tea.

I’m glad the movie didn’t shy away from the Katniss of the strong female lead – I can’t get Jennifer her performance!  The rest of the cast is rounded out by great performances as well - Josh Hutcherson plays her TV love interest, a young man who decides if you can’t Peeta-m, join ‘em. The son of a baker, he realizes Katniss kneads to win the Hunger Games more than he. Woody Harrelson, evidently, has become an alcoholic after many years of being a bartender at “Cheers”. He is extra saucy, because if you question him whatsoever, he will hurl Abernathy! I am glad Lenny Kravitz has broken into the world of acting, I guess it was bound to happen Cinna or later. Let’s not forget about talk show host Caesar Flickerman – Stanley’s performance is almost Tucci-sy for words!

The villains in this movie are quite creepy too. The Gamemaker is a guy with a weird beard who is very Seneca-l. There’s the President, who when he finds out Katniss is on track to win the Games, he is all, there Snow way that’s happening! Also, a mean blonde guy who I am pretty sure is just there to Cato to the teenage audience.

Perishable alert! There is one really sad death scene. I won’t say who it involves, but when it happens, it is going to Rue-n you! Then there is a crazy riot scene where all Panem-onium breaks loose!

Be sure to check out “The Hunger Games” – it’ll be a Gale-d time.