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April 25, 2011

Another Criminal is taken down by a Tattoo that tells the story of his crime.

Gangbanger, Anthony Garcia, captured the attention of the Internet last week when his Gang tattoo, depicting his alleged act of murder, helped convict him of the heinous crime.

This week, another man reveals the tattoos of his alleged crime as the US Justice Department deliberates mounting a case against him.

Lloyd Blankfein, the CEO of Goldman Sachs, raised eyebrows when he took off his shirt in the steam room of the NYAC.

Each section of the CEO's tattoo tapestry tells a different part of his twisted sordid story.

1. Mr. Blankfein hires hedge fund manager, John Paulson, to put together a list of securities for a CDO (A portfolio of assets comprised of loans and financial agreements that are normally paid off safely), in which Goldman Sachs investors could put their money in for a long term investment.

2. Paulson then picks the riskiest mortgages and housing markets for homes already deep underwater so that the chance of default on these loans would be higher. Thus creating toxic assets.

3. Goldman Sachs then bundles these toxic assets....

4. ... And sells the toxic assets to the people that entrust them with their money.

5. Goldman Sachs then "shorts" the assets by betting against the loans, knowing full well that they are indeed worthless. So those who invested for the long term were out billions of dollars.

6. Goldman Sachs CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, then lies to Congress about his knowledge of these toxic assets and claimed that another asset management company is the one that bundled the assets for Goldman to sell.

7. In order to evade criminal investigation, Goldman Sachs continues to pour money into lobbying firms and finance campaigns of the people who could investigate these alleged crimes.

8. And finally Goldman Sachs awards Lloyd Blankfein a 1,400% pay raise on his salary in just one year after the financial collapse.