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March 04, 2010


SOOO- Getting ready for an interview and while I SHOULD be researching the firm a am simutaneously watching a show on expectant mothers and writing this BLOG.

Before you ask, NO No NO I am not preggers... Pull out and Pray as worked so far and I hope for it's continued success.

Back to my point. This woman is consulting her doctor about her cravings... Seemingly normal, except she eats chalk.. YES like white blackboard chalk. When did this woman ever try chalk before to develope a craving for it??? I have never eaten shit, so I am pretty sure that when the time comes for me to breed I am not going to be like """MMM.. I would kill for a piece of Dog Turd right now". BUT I fear the worst because in my youth I was quite attracted to the smell and taste of Play-DOH ... Paste ... and the occasional Lead based paint chip. Will the potential child that may grow in my belly have to worry about my trips downtown to slum apartments to pick paint off the walls or obssessive splurging on Play-Doh????? Will I use the Play-Doh spagetti machine in my effort to validate my cravings??? Will I attack second graders and shake them for their paste.... 

This woman and her chalk has opened up pandora's box for me..... 

Then to further perpetuate my fears of being a fit parent I am obssessed with the show Little Miss Perfect ( Yeah, thats not going to screw little girls up). What if I become a pageant mother.. although the criteria seems to be a Fat under accomplished homely house wife living in a "Double Wide" vigareously through her daughter... But what if???

I am getting to that make or break age... Just thinking about all the possibilities...