The Happy News: Irish man got touching Christmas gift when a 100-year-old letter from his late mother, dated Christmas Eve 1911, was discovered inside a chimney. The Sad news: The real Santa Claus was found inside as well, frozen-solid, reading the letter. (So that’s what happened to dude!) Apparently, Old Saint Nick was so engrossed in the woman’s literary prowess while making his way down her chimney a century ago.

Children around the world are rejoicing as this ends the age-old debate of the existence of an actual Santa Claus.  Although the woman’s son was glad to have read his mother’s letter, he was happy to be apart of putting an end to years of countless kids disappointment and tears of having to find out their was, in fact, no Santa.  And now parents no longer have to front, amassing countless gifts, hiding them in the attic while going into debt.

Once thawed out, the jolly one was not even worse for the wear, despite his 100-year hiatus, promising to presume his legacy next year with one slight update:  Upon hearing our current music, the man in red was smitten with rap music and vows next year to belt out “Yo, Yo, Yo!” as he take to the skies.  What can we say, S.C. likes Snoop Dogg.