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January 15, 2011

Larry King and Jeff Goldblum chat online.

Larry King: Hey Jeff.

Jeff Goldblum: Hey Larry.

LK: What are you doing?

JG: Nothing, you?

LK: Nothing.

JG: That's cool.

LK: Yeah.

JG: Did you hear I got a new bike?

LK: No.

JG: Oh.

LK: I thought of a really funny password for my email.

JG: What is it? lol.

LK: It's... oh wait, I can't tell you because it's a secret.

JG: Oh c'mon, I promise I won't go into your email account.

LK: You promise?

JG: I promise. Just tell me!

LK: Okay, it's fingerbang

JG: LOL! No way!

LK: Yeah.  Do you know what that means?

JG: I think so.  It's kind of dirty right?

LK: Yeah.

JG: Have you seen The Animal with Rob Schneider?

LK: No I have not.

JG: Oh.  You should.  Rob Schneider acts like different animals. 

LK: Really?

JG: Yes.  There is one part where he pretends to be a dolphin and jumps in a pond.

LK: Oh my gosh.

JG: I know.

LK: Do you ever feel self bonscious when you're in the news?

LK: *conscious 

JG: Yes.

LK: Me too.

JG: My brother fell down on his driveway yesterday and he scraped his elbow but he is okay now.

LK: Oh no.  Is he okay?

JG: Yeah.  He just scraped his elbow but he's okay now.

LK: The Network told me that I'll be interviewing more women this year because last year I mostly interviewed men.

JG: Really?

LK: Yeah.

JG: That's cool.

LK: Yeah.

JG: Well, I gotta go to the post office.  See you later.

LK: ttyl.