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March 07, 2016

A story about the classic film National Lampoon's Animal House.


One of my heroes of the comedy world is Director John Landis.

There is a legendary story about his extraordinary comedy “Animal House”. The film was edited and pretty much finished and they had a series of test screenings that went through the roof. The one thing that both the studio and some in the audience complained about was the scene where Jon Belushi pretends to shoot the horse with blanks and the sound gives the horse a heart attack and dies. Universal was understandably dead set against even the appearance that an animal had been hurt on one of their films. They threatened to pull the film from the release slate if the scene was not changed.

John Landis and Producer Ivan Reitman were dead set against changing the scene. The reasoning being that the seventies had become ultra sensitive about big brother after all of the rebellion in the sixties was beaten or arrested out of existence. There was a profound mistrust at the time of anything that could be perceived as being manipulated by “The Man’. A comedy could fail just because it was as seen as advertising for the status quo. Landis was willing to let the whole film be buried rather then change the scene. At one point even the writer Harold Ramis tried to intervene, but Landis was sure that the film would bomb if he changed the scene. His contention was that the audience would think Daddy studio boss had come in and sanitized the rebellion out of the film.

Landis knew that the audience would defend and promote something as if it was a political statement if a comedy had the courage to break convention. The studio relented and allowed National Lampoon’s Animal House to be released in theaters worldwide. The film’s budget was 3 million dollars and it made 142 million dollars in a time when movie tickets were 2 dollars. It has made over a billion dollars in home video and on demand since becoming one of the top 50 films of all time on the many top 50 films lists like AFI, Rolling Stone, etc.

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