‘Titanic’ may have come out 20 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped die-hard fans from still coming up with crazy theories about the epic romantic film.

Ready to hear the craziest fan theory yet?

The movie never even existed.

That’s according to a Reddit user, simply known as JackDawson97, who suggested that everyone who “saw” the “movie” simply made the whole thing up.

That’s right. No “Jack.” No “Rose.” And no “James Cameron.”

Most of you reading this have probably already brushed this theory off as completely insane, but if you have an open mind, keep reading.

The theory suggests that everyone who claimed to have seen ‘Titanic’ in theaters in late 1997 and 1998 had major psychological voids in their life that the supposed film helped fill.

Maybe some viewers were distraught over recently losing a loved one. Maybe some hadn’t seen Good Will Hunting yet and were desperate for a good 1997 film after an otherwise mediocre year in movies. Or maybe some were having ‘boy trouble’ and wished to find and marry the dashing young Leonardo DiCaprio.

No “Jack.” No “Rose.” And no “James Cameron.”

No matter what their particular voids were, hundreds of thousands of people banded together to create the idea of a film about a fictional love story aboard the historically doomed RMS Titanic ship.

With everyone wanting to fit in, those claiming to have seen the movie snowballed into millions, and soon, anyone who thought of attempting to deny the existence of the film didn’t do so out of fear of being branded clinically unstable. However in actuality, the proverbial emperor was wearing no clothes — the film didn’t exist. But the groupthink went unopposed.

And boom. You’ve got your “highest grossest film of all time" — a placeholder for the next 12 years until a real James Cameron film, ‘Avatar,’ came along to shatter that arbitrarily held “record.”

So there you go. You know what the craziest thing about this fan theory is though? It actually kind of makes sense!

Predictably, the theory is blowing up online, with people passionately arguing for and against its validity. Cameron has made no comment so far on it, unlike some other ‘Titanic’ fan theories, which he has come out to debunk.

What do you think? Did ‘Titanic’ even exist or not? Let us know in the comments!