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Published May 24, 2012


Forced to cut three minutes from Box Office beast, The Avengers, director Joss Whedon admits that Captain America’s black boyfriend, Black Mamba, was edited out of the film, left on the cutting room floor.

“It was a really tender scene just after Fury comes to recruit Captain America,” Whedon told the Hollywood Leek. “He’s is in bed with Black Mamba, and confesses what a tremendous burden it is to be the the symbol of all things American. Black Mamba listens patiently while rubbing Captain America’s back and then says, ‘Daddy, it’s just stress, and Black Mamba’s going to make that stress go away.’”
Rapper 50 Cent, who was cast in the role of Black Mamba, reassured fans, “Don’t worry, we’ve already shot half of the Captain America sequel, which really is a duel story of love and heroism. America will love it.”