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April 13, 2015

We are the Feminists Cat Callers of America (FCCA)! We want you to join our fight against cat calling, men, and douching.

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Catcalling. Gross right? Having to withstand the sexual harassment of construction workers, frat-boys, and men in general is awful. It needs to stop. Everyone, regardless of gender, should be able to walk down the street without having to worry about being harassed. And that’s why we’re here!We are the Feminist Cat Callers of American (or FCCA for short), and we invite you to come to our meet and greet this Saturday, June 28th!

The FCCA is an organization dedicated to ending cat calling in the United States of America and replacing it with people yelling more feminist words at people. How do we do that you ask? Well we have a multitude of programs set up to achieve our goal. Our “Callers on the wallers” program makes efforts to place people in random areas to promote feminist catcalling.We even go so far as to find people employment in local jobs. Just ask Jeremy McDonald:

“I joined the FCCA and decided to sign up for their “Callers on the Wallers” program. They got me a job as a doctor in a hospital where people have complained of catcalling. I have no idea how they did it either! I mean, I’ve never gone to medical school or anything; I actually dropped out of college. Even though I may misdiagnose people on a daily basis, if an unsuspecting woman walks through this hospital, the only thing’s she’ll hear are words of encouragement such has “Hello!” and “that’s your body, only YOU get to decide what happens to it!” Thanks FCCA!”

Feminists Cat Callers of America have helped rid countless busy streets of men sexually harassing women! Such as east 23rd street in Boston, Martin Luther Kind Blvd. in downtown Atlanta, and even St.Aubin Street in Chicago! Jessica Davis, who works at a 7-11 on St. Aubin Street,can tell you herself:

“Every day on my walk to work I’d get catcalled by the construction workers working on that new recreation center for under-served youths in the community. Then one day the FCCA came to town. Since then, every time I walk past the construction site, I don’t get catcalled. Primarily because every time I walk past the construction site, none of those guys are there. Just people wearing pink shirts with inspiring women printed on them like Susan B. Anthony, Madame C. J. Walker, Lucy from the Charlie Brown cartoons, etc. They holler things at me that boost my confidence like “you don’t need a man, just your fiery spirit”. It’s nice,but I wonder what happened to those construction workers, I don’t think anyone’s seen them since you FCCA guys came to town. in fact, is the Rec Center still being built? Hey! Where are you going! Come back here…”

The FCCA is not a cult, just a group of people passionately dedicated to replacing cat callers with feminist by ANY means necessary. Which brings us back to our meet and greet! We invite you to come on out and learn more about us this Saturday at the Emily Murphy community center. There will be refreshments, a speech on the power every woman has inside of her by our founder Wendy Williams, and if you’re lucky, you may even be able to see us ~~Eliminate womanizing jocks ~~have a discussion with local men on why it’s not okay to catcall.

We hope to see you there Saturday, June 28th, at7 P.M at the Emily Murphy community center. If you decide to join us, we will be conducting an initiation at a location we will not publicly disclose (please be prepared for a blood pact). The Feminists Cat Callers of America want you, so come say hello! And remember: WE ARE WOMEN. WE WILL CONQUER.