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December 14, 2009


I have to decided to respond to my own critism of myself in the sense that I'm the doctor now, bitches, and the doctor is IN!
1) Dean is a fucktard and deserved his pathetic "wedding".  I am NOT required ON ANY LEVEL to be gracious, accomodating or QUIET about my frustration and disappointment where he is concerned. I have gotten up every day and taken care of my shit whilst being comepletely heartbroken and guess what?  I still believe in love and feel more capable of love now than I ever have in my whole life.  Dean isn't even his name by the way.
2) Fuck the PTA!  Why would I want to bring that kind of misery upon myself?  That kind of sport is for bored people with resources who can't effectively parent at home ergo force themselves upon the staff/other parents in an attempt to control something more manageable and that they can't feel personally blamed for the failure of. 
3)I DO volunteer.
4)I manage my home, take care of my disabled child and work 9:30-2:30 four days a week, balance a trying relationship, and STILL managed to write over five hundred pages of a novel which I enjoy and have amazing affection for my characters and am proud of the story.  So, it's already a success.
5) Fuck Christmas.  I don't need an excuse to tell people I love them or to buy them things. 
6) I have a couple of friends in England of my own (one that I've actually known for 17 years), so it's going to fun God Damned it.  Maybe they don't have a vineyard, but the pub pours Cobra which they don't do in this country, so YEEESSSSSSS! 
7)Okay...there's no recourse for having my period BUT!! I will have menopause one day and Amy makes that seem like such a joy.  So long as people keep sharp objects, flame throwers and a bit of distance from me....it's all gravy.
So....BITE ME!