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Published December 06, 2010

Set to the tune of Fade to Black - Metallica - Play it in the background and sing along...


Im gonna sue the T.S.A.,

cupped by balls the other day.

I was full of hurt and shame,

all the way to baggage claim.

now I hear from my friend Jim,

they put a finger inside of him.

when he said "yo, what the hell"

agent said "my glove sure smells"


This pat down stuff, we might need,

to sneak on board my bag of weed.

The scanner see's my bag of dope,

my cock and balls, my sneak a toke.

Id rather have you grab my junk,

Then buy shit there, I bet its bunk.

So let us get this over with,

I drank a Monster and have to piss...


I got my herb

a nice glass pipe

and a lighter

now I can smoke

20,000 feet in the sky


Bodyscans seem, as though,

I am being violated

Hope your hands warm

when you grab my thigh....