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February 23, 2009


Jaxattax here!
Sarah and I watched the Oscars last night and decided we adore the screenwriter of MILK. It is a shame he is gay, I mean I think we would both be willing to get a short haircut, and a fake penis if need be, but once we're found out it will just seem desperate and creepy. Makes me sad inside.
Also love Sean Penn. I mean, how do you not? I appreciated his- if you voted for the ban of gay marriage, then you are a fucking duchebag-commments. Obviously I am paraphrasing.
Alright. Nothin' else to say.

Also, people haven't commented on our videos lately and it makes me a little sad. I always enjoy feedback, but meh.

Also, Nikki if you are reading this on Feb 23, can you call me or something. I can't remember if you said you wanted to hang out tonight or something...