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February 08, 2009


It's snowing outside. I'm three days into a run at the Improv at Harrah's Lake Tahoe, and finally, after a week that was dry as wheat bread and gravel, the white stuff is finally dumping down. This is the best part of my job; I get to go to a cool city, tell jokes to cool people, sleep until noon, and then go snowboard. Well, not every city. I won't get to snowboard in Dallas. But I'll make up for it by eating enough barbecued ribs to bring on an infarction. When in Rome, baby!

When it snows on a ski day I'm always confronted with a very specific problem. While I'm psyched that fresh powder is coming down, the prospect of snowflakes careening into my face like tiny angry ice daggers at a zillion miles an hour as I zoom downhill seems far less appealing. And since I was up late performing, the thought of my bed, a jumbo coffee, a muffin the size of my head, and a Law and Order marathon are a siren combination I am powerless against. I mean, seriously. Muffins are just giant, unfrosted cupcakes. Any self-respecting woman is powerless against them.

So I'm going to stay in today, get chocolate chip detritus all over the bedspread, eat all the nuts out of the minibar, and generally rock star it up. Maybe I'll ride my snowboard down the hotel stairwell. TMZ.com could probably use some new "comedian gone wild" footage. I'm not afraid to give it to 'em.

Alright, time to go break a couple of lamps. The Aisha Tyler Is Lit World Tour has officially started. I can't wait to see you at the shows!