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July 22, 2009


I know the following story is not gonna concern anyone who doesn’t take mass transportation in the greater (?) Tucson area, but Sun Tran is hiking the bus fare on August 1.And, starting playing a recording that nags about all the rules you really don't give shit about in the first place. No, let's use the money something like running a bus down major streets like Broadway and Speedway once a hour between the hours of 11:30 p.m. to 5 a.m..So, people don't haffa be stranded and walk home. Or, be at the mercy of the merciless taxi drivers. I have an allegedly conspiracy theory the taxi drivers pay alleged kickback to the alleged mass transportation. Of course, what do I know; I come from the backwater swamps of the city of New Orleans. Where such illegal actions would never happen in a million years. Getting to my point, yes we need another annoying factor to enhance the already annoying bus ride. No wonder most people listen to their headphones. Some annoying white trash alleged sister fucker is blabbing on about meaningless bullshit to me while smoking a cigarette through his glass eyeball. Asshole,  stick the lit part of the cigarette up your anal cavity and blow it out your ass. Or, through the mouth of your microscopic dick I don't really care. Go be a freak show on some else time. You're wasting the oxygen supply being on this planet. Go Back to Trail Park you come from and I hope you get anally rape by the alleged  of Michael Jackson and get a sequined glove stick there .NO more nagging voices on the bus. People should be lucky they're still alive; I'm on my meds and don't go apeshit. HAVE A NICE FUCKING DAY! LATER SAKBLABBATH