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April 20, 2018

The twenty first century is here, and it appears nothing like the twentieth century did.

The Future, Using Social Media, And Search Engine Marketing Effectively

The twenty first century is here, and it appears nothing like the twentieth century did. Things have adapted so drastically in the last decade or so many people are finding it hard to keep up, businesses included. If you don’t keep up in this world chances are you don’t stay alive. There are just too many opportunities for marketing and social media, and search engine marketing to just sit on your hands and ignore it. Ignorance may be bliss, but in the world of business ignorance could kill you.

Social media has grown exceedingly since the first pages erupted onto the scene. Since than we’ve all seen the come, and go of sites such as Myspace, and Friendster and the birth of pages such as Facebook and Twitter. There are so many people on social media it can be crazy. They could become whole nations in their own right, so to not be on there interacting with potential future customers is just plain ignorant.

As well as social media, search engine marketing has also taken off running. With the contrivance of Google, and the only way Google can take in income is thru having organizations pay for space to advertise on Google itself. This is also pretty stupid in all actuality when you can simply hire an online marketing firm, like Fishbat, to get your rankings higher in Google for you. That and they’re cheaper than purchasing space on Google all together.

Not only is it crucial to get onto Facebook, it’s also basic to sign off on a business page on the website. As well it’s free to make one, just costs some money to advertise but it’s still cheaper than purchasing space on a radio station, or in newspapers, and who the hell reads those anymore anyway? Advertising in newspapers today is like using a land locked phone at home, nobody does it anymore, so why should you?

The future is pretty clear at this point, and it’s pointing right towards the internet. When it comes to marketing, advertising and the way we do business the future is on the internet with search engine marketing, using social media websites, and connecting out to consumers in a way that has never been done before. Times are changing, and it’s becoming a keep up or fall apart world. Failure to keep up with all of the changes going on in the world will lead to failure, and the old ways of doing business are slowly starting to erode away.