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March 03, 2009


Mostly on target in his premiere show and perhaps aided by the current economic crisis and the need to laugh, Jimmy held his own in these shallow shark infested late night waters. The "Lick it for Ten" experiment,  where they rolled out a few product placements, (lawn mower& a Xerox), and paid three  audience members ten dollars if they'd lick it,  (followed by the obligatory Letterman-like slo mo replay),  would have been funny if the third thing behind the curtain was a person instead of a gold fish bowl.  The Roots and the slow jammed news bit is a strong, fresh look at the art of the monologue.

Mr. Deniro joined in the fun for a vapid gag:  "Space Train".  Jimmy will have to learn from experience the crucial ability to allow for the moments to unfold in their own time and improvise accordingly.   Bob did his best to help out,  but it's going to be difficult for him to keep what was left of Conan's audience from turning over to Craig Ferguson and his unequaled improv talents.    Good Luck Jimmy.   I watched your premier,  see the need for original recurring gags,  and in these stressed-out times have decided to stick with a seasoned comedic genius for my "live" late night TV addiction.   In the words of Jerry Lewis:  "Tell them what you're going to do.   Do it.  Then tell them what you did."