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January 06, 2011



Social Media Culture

          Social media has changed the away we interact with our friends, family co-workers and even acquaintances. It seems to most that Facebook is really their “15 Minutes of Fame.”  Some people live for the gratification of a having a friend request accepted or a status, photo, or activity commented on.  Social media is taking up more time everyday allowing less time for other activities. Instead of calling your friends you now post on each other’s walls or send instant chats. It turns out social media isn’t so social after all.        

         Social media has become this generation’s form of social interaction. It has also changed the way we communicate. When a friend posts an emotional status one will often text, “I just saw your status what’s wrong?”  When something exciting happens one will ask “haven’t you seen my status yet?” We live vicariously through our status updates.  Social media culture is something that’s ingrained in our society and will most likely be for sometime. Don’t forget to continue to maintain the relationships outside of your social media networks. While wishing your grandmother a Happy Birthday on Facebook is the new thing to do maybe you should just send her a card instead.

Am I A Status Stalker??

Maybe.  Do you constantly find yourself scrolling through your mini feed on Facebook or Twitter?  Do you find out “stuff” about your friends and feel the need to investigate it?  Do you ever find yourself on picture 43 out of 118 and wonder why am I still going through this person’s album?  If you answered yes to any of the above then you my friend are indeed a status stalker.   But it’s okay because so is everyone else these days!

Status Stalking isn’t actual stalking, it’s more of a new age way to say investigating.  We all have this burning desire to be in-the-know and Facebook and Twitter are just tools that help us stay current.  It’s become culturally acceptable to see someone you haven’t seen in 4 years and know everything about them from their posts.  They will laughing joke with you as they repeat everything they know about you thanks to your posts.  It’s a vicious cycle that you must continuously scroll through your mini-feed to keep up with!

How Much Social Media is too Much?

          Thanks to Facebook, Twitter ,and Foursquare, I now know not only what you're doing but where you're doing it at. It seems like it has become socially acceptable to become a stalker. You're probably reading this thinking "I’m not a stalker," but unfortunately thanks to your mini feed, yes you are! For example, we see someone we haven’t seen for years and they know everything about us and we know everything about them and we laugh Facebook off as the culprit. How many times have you heard or used a sentence similar to this, “you will never guess what I just saw on Facebook?” Although, you my not be intentionally stalking someone social media is prompting you to. Well how much is too much? Some people will post any and everything, but what ever happened to privacy? Ladies we have no desire to hear about your geno appt., gentlemen we do not care about your latest sexually conquest, and I know I speak for most of us when I say please stop breaking up and getting back together the very next day. Your non-sense it cluttering my mini feed!!!

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