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January 11, 2010


In mass rumors of Facebook and youtube kicking around the idea of bcoming a Pay site with of course minimal charges, I wonder how many other sites think the road to riches are lined with enternet suckers and ethernet idiots. I ask you this..... Would you continue coming to FOD if it became a paysite? Lets say only 5.00 a month? I don't believe I would. Unless they remove all advertisment-now thats a consideration I would kick around. I'd smurf out 3 dollars a month for ad free space. But what about my intrest? Now if I do an enternet comercial with brand placement in my videos and publish them on F.O.D am I intitled to compensation or re-imbursment? Ahhh noooo, that wouldn't be fair you see fair is where you do funny for nothing and the money if any is paid in Facebook, Youtube deals to people who don't do videos. Ahhh theres the rub-right? So here are the conditions of my agreement.
1. 3.00 a month no more no less.
2. No comercials no banners no ads at all, this means no movie trailers, not network reels only funny video not published elswhere.(Ha.)
3. No agenda pushing, career hocking budy instant "Chosen One" with only three comments and an obsurd amount of views 2 minutes after its been uploaded.
4. I rule. I am deemed a FOD God where all my videos are on the video of the week line of the front page daily. Instant link to my blogs on the front page titled Gods Blogs.
5. the caption contest needs to be judged daily by a random member of F. O. D. who is notified of thier judgment seat two days prior to contest via form message to thier inbox and a link of acceptance or dismissal from the roll. If this person does not accept or enter their pick by 4:00 the day of the caption, then the contest will be awarded via votes.  
6. 1 upsided down day a year. This day the videos with the most die votes will grace the front page for 24 hours. ONly the worst videos will be celebrated that day.

7. 1 F.O.D. Convention in Las Vegas a year at a great casino Resort, with apearences by all the fancy star people whose videos we watch and support. Arranged by FOD  with a sighn up sheet on the front page where we the little guys can reserve our plane and acomodations.(Yes this is a real good Idea) Where we can meet people like MPG and that crazy ass Clayjunk. Keep the cost down because we have the numbers. So don't price us out,. Flight +Hotel will do. convention.

8. More cowbell

9. tell the but hurt staffers not to be so grumpy, this is Funny or die, not  DONT YOU KNOW WHO I AM...

10. make the comments stick.

I don't think FOD is going Pay site, this is all Hipervaly its something I picked up on FaceBook from a guy that thinks the world is comming to an end. He says Face book is  thinking of pay site, and Youtube is thinking of Paysite, actually I think the guy is off his rocker, but lets play What if.
What if F.O.D. became a membership pay site? What would you do?