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June 12, 2011

Tricks are for kids.

In second grade we had a Halloween party where we were told to bring something creepy or scary to put in the ‘Halloween Mystery Box.’  We would then we close our eyes and put our hands in to feel the grossness.  Whoever made the grossest thing, would win candy.

This was RIGHT up my alley!

Other kids brought things like spaghetti and boiled eggs to mimic brains and eyeballs. 

I brought cat poop.

I think I missed the note where it was supposed to be something fake.

The first kid reached in… ‘Ewwwwww… it feels like… like… poo or something.’

‘Yuck!’  It even smells like it…’ said another.  The other kids giggled as they each clamored for a turn.

‘Great job, Eliza! What did you use?’ my teacher smiled as she reached in to feel for herself.

I was confused. ‘It’s cat poop. From the litter box’

‘WHAT?????’ she sniffed her hand, then looked at me in horror.  ‘Children, go WASH your hands. NOW!!!’

‘Did I win?’ I asked, clapping my hands with excitement.

No. I did not.