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Published May 08, 2008
...Album ever:  "A Chris Gaines Hanukkah" ...type of cancer to get:  Soul cancer. Wait, sorry I spelled it wrong...sole cancer, on your feet...because it would probably be a pain to walk.  ...porno movie ever: "Jimmie 'J.J.' Walker's Melancholy Masturbation!" ...idea for a breakfast cereal:  "Hom-O's" ...cover of an AC/DC song ever:  the guy who works at my Post Office singing/mumbling "Hell's Bells" while he gets me a book of stamps, until he starts weeping. ...thing to say on a date:  "Hello, Kathy Griffin". ...thing to put in your eye:  a giant, sharp stick dipped in AIDS. ...person to ask for marital advice:  Toucan Sam, since he's only a fictional, cartoon bird. ...Grey's Anatomy doctor:  McSodomy move ever:  Steve Irwin stabbing himself in the heart with a stingray, just "to show that I kick ass so hard".