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March 11, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest  #29

Introducing: Shirley Dannenberg  and her LP "Lonely Voices"

12. Have you been hearing these voices for a long time, Shirley?

11. ...This one time, at Band Camp, I stuck my zither in my pussy...
(wink and a nod to tDm for zither - all i could think was autoharp, but zither is so much more fun to say...zither, zither, zither!)

10. Contains the hit single "Crazy"........not the Patsy Cline song, just a song about being crazy.

9. The follow up to her #1 album "Lonely Boners"

8. Shirley didn't play an instrument, she used sharpened harp strings to cut herself.

7. Shirley may look like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but after three Bicardi and cokes she would let you shit on her chest

6. "Sigh" Records is a division of Melancholy Publishing, under license to Crippling Sadness Media, LLC.

5. We're goin' to North Dakota and California! We're goin' to Illinois, Rhode Island, and Michigan! And then we're goin' to Washington D,C. to play at the White House! HIIIYYYAAAHHH!!!

4. In her Senior Yearbook she was voted "Most Likely to Drown her Children in a Bathtub".

3.5. Lonely voices and psaltery tears ...
3. And lonely vices ...

2.5. Nerd-glasses make my dick stiff.
2. That’s her famous ‘come-zither’ look.

1. Why do lonely voices need to be in stereo?