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October 17, 2009


George Carlin once said white people can't play the blues.They give the blues.Anyway,there's a Tucson Blue Fest tomorrow in Reid Park.It's weird to me,cause I'm Naturally N"Awlins.I was born in New Orleans,Louisiana;the birthplace of jazz and one of the top blues spots in the country.When I heard some white people stealing from the music from the blacks,it makes me angry enough to burn Pat Boone albums. Anyway,I just chill out at the fest and buy the original blues masters on sale.I'm selling most of my cds,but NEVER my ROBERT JOHNSON! One of my favorite Metalocalypse episode is when Dethklok met the devil on the crossroads to sell their souls for blues fame.But,they ran the devil off working out the fine print on the contract. NOW,THAT'S THE BLUES!!!