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March 28, 2008


Ok, I just decided to release my first poem. It is now about a year ago that I wrote it and I did that during two math lessons at school. Well, in 4 days there will be the next math exam. I'm horribly afraid of it and I guess I should have learnt instead. It was actually called "The landlord" but now I'm getting familiar with this side, I guess it could be missunderstood.

Sir Richard

Sir Richard’s a landlord, who’s owning an island,

That’s where he lives, enjoying the silence.

But with time going by, being lone got intense,

So he wrote some letters, invited some friends.

Sir Henry and wife, Lady Janet and Son,

Mr. Palmer’s old widow, Earl Ralph who’s become,

A Member of Parliament, Sir Peter, a bit diseased,

Who brings along a young girl, who he says is his niece.

So now they’re together, those old happy eight,

In Richard’s old castle, soon facing their fate.

As a storm was rising ‘bove the Irish sea,

Made exit impossible, no chance to flee.

In the first stormy night, they heard a terrible scream,

The widow had dreamt the most terrible dream

And as they all gathered, they saw they were just seven,

‘cause Peter was absent, he had gone to heaven.

Well of course he was ill, but his niece short of money,

And she wasn’t sad, it seemed she found it funny.

It was just obvious she had killed the man.

What a terrible creature, making up this terrible plan.

The next stormy night, they were all lying wake,

‘cause the murdering niece, was just a few rooms away.

And the around midnight, they heard steps on the floor

And as they got up the next morning, the niece was no more.

As now the killer, could not be the niece,

Sir Richard decided to call the police.

But soon it seemed the six were alone,

‘cause the storm was blocking Sir Richard’s old phone.

They let the dead lie the place they had been,

So the police could investigate the crimes’ scene.

Sir Peter in bed, the niece on the stairs

With broken neck and bloody red hair.

The third stormy night, reduced them to five,

Sir Henry the husband was missing his wife.

They found the lady on the second floor,

Dead, with Janet’s son, which reduced them to four.

Night number four and the killing went on,

Sir Richard went mad, which reduced it to one.

He killed Janet and Henry, also Ralph bit the dust,

Richard he knew, only himself he could trust.

On day number 5 the police did arrive,

Taking care of Sir Richard, the one who survived,

They looked at the bodies, an accident they sad,

Concerning the niece, just fallen she had.

The old Sir Peter, it was just his disease

And the woman was really his innonce niece,

A weak heart has killed Henries wife, Janet’s son,

For he and the lady, just had too much fun.

Now Richard’s in prison, he’s owning a cell

And when he will die, he’ll be burning in hell.

Now being lone, is getting intense,

Maybe in hell, he’ll meet some of his friends.