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June 02, 2010


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First of, hope you had a great Memorial Day . . . I hope you had a chance to thank a veteran ~ if not, please visit the USO website at http://www.uso.org for ideas on how to help our military personnels overseas and the veterans who came back home.  Here's an idea from me . . . I sneak  a copy of a gentleman's magazine at the bottom of the care packages I send . . .

A big thank you to all of you who sacrificed your life for the good of all nations on this planet.

Moving on, here are what WAW! readers are saying:

Awesome pants Awesome pants

Keep writing, and I'll keep reading! You are very entertaining, and I enjoy your posting.

I love you I love you

Thanx Spydergirl. That was fun, I look forward to many more Web Advice Wednesdays and your wisdom in the future!

that was fantabulousity.fun

These are some RAVE REVIEWS!  Thank you very much for all the kind words everyone sent my way.  I heart you all!  So, now on to the next set of questions . . .

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