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Additional Credits:
Picture by a NavySeal whom has infiltrated the EP areas on occasions to get these pictures, without regaurd for his discovery and then loss of his own Life! Article By @eatevilpenguins
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Published: April 16, 2012
Description: Lindsey Vonn could be a Focus of the EvilPenguin Empire!


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Just recieved from the Seal/Crab snowfall sardine classified informational knowledge feed. It has come to that our mortal enemies the rabidevilpenguins is now seriously considering that when they impliment thier overtake our planets wartime plan. That thier seriously taking one of our most/Famous/Talented/Blonde/Beautiful downhill speed racers whom yesterday shattered all downhill speed records! Lindsey Vonn has now 50 records and is///we @ eatevilpenguins believe will be a top target by the rabidpenguins,cause of her talent speed and no fear raceing downhill snow sking,so they can harvest her stem cells to incorporate into thier spieces for dominance! @ this point its just part of our intelligence rumor network and will of course keep all we hear & maintain such rumors/intelligence into our mainframe files,to be used & corrdinated for when the day of the tux inevitable attack comes! Please maintain viewing/reading daily for such updates.


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