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Published February 25, 2010 More Info »
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Published February 25, 2010
 Today is all about the cycling. Man, some of these new body suits look REAL! Receiving Votes: I volunteer to lick off all the ladies bicycle seats after the ride - it's the yeast I can do...(with a nod to the Dirty Midget)Kooldad Excuse me miss....sorry my mistake sirbigjas Being a bicycle seat is not easy. You never know what kind of an ass you're going to be dealt.keibar SHOW:  I've noticed that every race is won by a woman.JoeLeeThree PLACE: Stop smiling or we'll have to put the seat back!Rhiann0n and the winner is... WIN: Shame is wearing a red wig and realizing you have a thumb for a penis.captainshena...