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May 23, 2010


I needed a few new tattoos …. I moved  here around 15 years ago. My best friend has the coolest cobra tat I have ever seen. He got it in the Navy when he was in the Phillipines and it has that asian-pacific look to it, its an awsome tat. When I moved out here, I was homeless with a half a duffle bag of clothes, one pair of everything for a week( many of you know what I’m talking about.) I was living in the rent by the week sector of town (Nevada Ave.) I was working through a temp agency at Coors, where after two weeks they gave me a position. I was working late one day and this crusty, grumpy , asshole aproached me and said, “ I hear your living over at that rent by the week shit hole over on Nevada?” I said; “Yep, till I can do better that’s about it for now.” He said, “ Well hell man, I got a house, my ex finally move the fuck out so getyour shit, and for about three hundred a month you can stay over at my place.” And I did.

    So we have been buddies for 15 years, with his support I have bought and sold houses, I bought harleys, hot rods, and really got my head right, if it were not for his asshole, dick headed, crotchity ass, I don’t know where I would be, he saved my life.  For years before I met him I was kicked around a lot. I didn’t have much faith in my fellow man. The world was a mean place for me, and he took me under his wing and reminded me how to say Fuck you and mean it.

    About a month ago I asked him if he cared if I got a Cobra Tat in the same place that he has his cobra tat? He said, “ I give a fuck how?”  So the bro tat was on. For me it is symbolic of my apreciation of a real decent, rightous, fuck head. He defines – well worn leather.

    Now the adventure begins…. I was thinking of where to go to get this tat… I came across a best of article in the Gazette and it named a parlor, there was also a parlor by work I wanted to stop by. So I hit the parlor by work first because it was close. I walked in and told them what I wanted and they said, “ well you need to make an apointment, our artists need to get some feed back from you before we commit to doing your art.” I was like “What the Fuck?” And I left.

    With that experience under my belt, I called ahead to the next place a week out, set up an apointment for sat. And showed up right on time at 10 am. I walked in and felt like I was in a beauty salon, there were 7 barber chairs and a half rail around the room. The room was decorated with art that reminded me of a rockstar energy drink for some reason.  I went to the counter and talked to ISHMAIL .( I capped his name because he obviously thinks himself some kind of ink god or something.) So I said “ Hey man, I called last week, I have an appointment I need to get a cobra on my forearm right here” I slapped my arm in the area I desired the snake.  ISHMAIL said, “ Oh no sorry, sorry, this is a preliminary meeting so that we can set up an appointment with an artist so that the artist can render your Ideals properly and desighn the layout of the paterns and get the shading outlined and the color scheme set.

    I said, “ What, hey man I want a Cobra tat, you know ? I mean sailors have them a lot, a lot of bikers have them, its like a snake and it looks like its going to bite you but you know it isn’t because it’s a tattoo on a dudes arm, right? I mean you have seen them right?” ( Oh and this guy was a total Barny baby, you know how I feel about them.) ISHMAILE  called the description –RETRO- and said they take weeks to desighn and render the art. Hey I know bullshit when I step in it. So I left.

    I was sitting in my truck thinking of how I could have slept in this sat., and said to myself now what?  And I remembered my first Tat… I was going through Dumas Texas , I was tired of driving and decided to take a break, I wandered in this one chair parlor and convineced a guy to tat my rosie on my chest for thirty dollars and a bump of cola. While he ws carving my chest up with a piece of piano wire, he asked me where I was coming from, and I answered Colorado springs. He  asked me, “ Why the hell didn’t you go to Snakes? He’s like one of the best artist in the country.” That was 19 years ago. I started my truck and  took off for Snakes.

    I get to Snakes and they unlock for the day, I walked in and Snake said “ What do you want?” I said, “  I need a fucking cobra on my arm, now do I need to schedual an appointment to meet an artist or what?” He laughed and said, “ I aint doing nothing today, but Johny will be here any second, he’ll get you covered.” Snake has been slinging ink for 37 years, the two punks I talked to at the other shops were all of 21 years old.

 In walks JOHNY BRAVO… He says, “ Hey man I aint seen you in like fucking for-ever…” I said, “ No shit how the fuck have you been dude?” yada yada We had a Ozzy moment because “We knew eachother but we didn’t remember playing together, but we had to have because we still have the posters.”(that’s a quote from Joe Cocker.)

I know this is long but hey, So Snake pulls out this thirty year old ass cobra layout shows it to me tells me how much its going to be and said, “ we havent put one of these on anyone in a real long ass time.” I went ahhh that’s what I want. While they inked me up we talked, and talked, We talked about Sturgis tats and how we have seen such grusome shit work come out of ralleys, we talked about portraits and how babys are so fucking hard to do because they aint got no shadow its like a little white bowling ball with a nose…and laughed, Bravo said, “Hell I don’t give a shit I get paid to fix that shit.” We talked of the uber shops and how they have the skill but don’t know where they come from. They don’t know the real.  They’re Rub slingers. I left knowing I had found my kind. Old Carneys and Sailors that kept the ink alive when  it wasn’t cool. The real. It was a blast. You can always get good ink from guys named Snake. Good  night  I hope this blog was worth reading. Oh and this is my best.... She's my NAKED LADY.......

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> aHHH  I love this piece.