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Published September 01, 2012

I have been countlessly ignored on facebook, email, texts, ect. This isn't because I'm spamming...most of the time. I know this is something either happening to you too, or something you do to other people. Why do I know this? Because everyone seems to be doing it these days. It's the modern day baseball game, and instead of choosing me last, you're  snubbing me through the internet or cell phone-ular devices.

If you think you do not have time to respond to someone, or that your repsonse doesn't matter, let me tell you, you do and it does. Not only is it common courtesy to reply to someone who has taken the time to write to you, but it's disrespectful to assume that they don't deserve acknowedgement, or that you can't squeeze out a couple minutes of your day for them

I really do think this is a growing trend, and a trend that is going to leave me as bitter and angsty as a teengage Simple Plan tribute band.

You are'nt busy, or famous. You're likely just being lazy and rude. Trust me, you have time to send back a simple message. A Yes or a no. Or simply tell the person "I'm sorry, I'm really busy right now, but I will give this message more of my time when I have the chance."

You aren't Robert De Niro. You can't just choose who want to respond to and expect people to be cool with it. I'm sure Merryl Streep or the remaining Beatles would still have your admiration if they snubbed you, but you aren't those people. I know I'm really emphasizing this point, but having a twitter account with over 100 followers (most of which are bots) does not make you David Bowie.

I get the feeling that famous people would be more likely to get back to you (even if it is through hired help) than these bratty douchebags who have created their own fan page on facebook.

And don't get me wrong, congratulations on your twitter account, facebook fanpage, and tumblr account where people can go to enjoy pictures of your lunch.

I would argue that it isn't chivalry that's dead; it's common courtesy


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