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October 17, 2009


History of the northeastern style singer.

Northeastern style singer is a form of ancient music in the northeast region of Thailand, Laos, and Laos. Can be divided into several characteristics such as aircraft such as poaching of the trunk latch size On large aircraft and aircraft engines quickly as antiphonal singing merrily in the middle. A northeastern style singer.



The word “northeastern style singer” from ??? words 2 words: “Medicine” refers to the expertise and “body” refers to a lecture on the northeastern style singer who has the means musically. Specializing in the narrative story with a different tune

The word “aircraft” means one is the name of the other story is the name of mark or sign. Name of issues, including matters such as matters of small parrot Tgaw deep black crow she ?? Lube AL address these adjustments in the ancient verse called instead. In the body called a verse from the book called trunk latch obstacles.

How to sing or other action in the body of literature in the Northeast. Sing the body or body of experts called in Northeast literature, music, sing, sing, or the recitation of the verse take dogs in this tale about several “northeastern style singer.” Read the rest of this entry »