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November 04, 2008


Hope everyone is going out to vote today...or already voted early. We're having record turn out at the polls in Panther County. Yee-haw. It's goin' to be interesting to see if our county (which always voted for Democrats until the 80s) will go back to the blue side. Barak Obama was in town yesterday. By town...I mean the big city about 30 minutes away from Main Street Panther County. I went to see what the buzz was.
I'll have to say, I never seen so many rednecks and black folk all together singing and clapping and crying together. It was a massive turnout...probably 10,000 people. That's more than lives in all of Panther County. And when Obama appeared seemingly out of thin air...the house went wild. It brings tears to my eyes to think about it.
So no matter who you support for president...get out and vote. And let's hope all our votes are actually counted. God bless America, y'all.