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May 17, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #55

Introducing: TERRY BRADSAW's record "Until You"


And the "Best Mockery Of The Subtle Prose And Beautiful Man-Voice Of Terry Bradshaw" award goes to:

"I never understood real understanding means the stands need to be stood under ..."

10. He lost the sleeves in a Chicago bear attack.

9. Until You...go the dentist you're always going to have that overbite

8. Don't listen to the Dirty Midget Terry; I LIKE the vest - lose the SHIRT!!!

7. until you stole Kirk Douglas's dimple you were a nobody Terry

6. Until you Jillian Barberie, I never wanted another ex-wife.

5. Sold only 2 copies to a guy named Brad Terryshaw....hmmmm?

4. He dedicated this song to his first wife, then to his second wife, then to his third wife, and then to Jimmy Johnson.

3.5. ...slide your hands under another man's ass, you have no idea what "winning a ring" is all about.
3.  ...appear in a feature film, you can't criticize my performance in 'Cannonball Run'...asshole.

2. Career stats aside, it was Bradshaw's uncanny ability to make it through three more seasons in the NFL after the release of this album that ultimately led to his 1989 Hall of Fame induction.

1. ... snap that top snap, I'll continue to touch myself.
Don't forget to click the link, below to hear ...
TERRY BRADSAW's titular track for the incredible record "Until You"

... and visit this awesome page.