So Look ladies am going to be strate up about is up with me honey pies. So alrighty then! Am jake am 27 am broke am single and am a little f*cked up in the head. Am a real pothead drunkass loser that is way to nice for my own good. So this is what i need from you ladies you see. Am in need a cougar woman that is single ( or about to Divorce from your rich hubby) so if your rich aged 40-50 years old am down for anything at all. Kids or no kids i don't care at all what so ever. Hell i'll even rase them dang kids up myself if need be sweetharts. Hell for a place to stay and some steady ass from you momma bear that is all i need in life for sure sweetness. Because am in a very bad off place in my life right now so help me out please for the love of God!. An just so you know am good with kids because am a uncle twice over ladies and sidenote am a vegan just so you know other than that am a geeked out person that is real into nerdy sh*t big time boo boo. So i got that going on for me and i also play music a little so there is that if that means anything to you + i'll play video games with your kids because am just a big kid myself for the most part a, but yet am a freak in the sheets baby!.  ];-{O=. an yes i do go down under. HiYO! So if you need a in house boy toy that looks like sh*t but will f*ck the ever lasting sh*t out of you on a everyday base and can kick an ass or two if need be hit me back sexy because am game for it b*tches! An remember ladies you always call the shots. ( An one more thing just so you know what your getting into i look like a homless Jack Black. So yeah hit me for reals!) Cum get some! 

"An this is why you don't drop out of school kids."