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March 24, 2015

Bar Rescue reveals their newest transformation of Hudson's Sports Bar to Weiners

When I first came to Hudson’s Sports Bar, your staff was out of control, the bar was falling apart, and you were losing $5,000 a month. I knew I had to do something drastic to get this bar back on track, so I took your old sports bar theme and threw it completely out the window.

Welcome to your new bar, “Weiners.”

We’ve redone the entire exterior, so now instead of a ripped up awning and faded sign in the front, what do people see when they walk up? That’s right. Weiners.

Main entry.jpg

Let’s go inside and take a look.

Remember that disgusting billiards table that was starting bar fights instead of making money? We got rid of it and replaced it with a pile of weiners. Now your patrons won’t feel like they’re in a rowdy game hall.


Along with the pile of weiners, I’ve redone the entire interior. My design team wanted to make sure to take the state’s rich history and put it into the design, so you’ll notice we used the colors of your state flag, and placed free floating weiners almost everywhere.

Your old layout was crowded and confusing. The new layout is designed to funnel people straight to the bar so they order more, and they won’t be able to walk more than three feet without walking into a weiner.


Let’s check out the bar.

Before I came, you didn’t even have menus to help push food or specialty cocktails, but with the help of K&P printing, we’ve made these beautiful menus and pictures of weiners.

Remember those disgusting beer lines? Say goodbye to warm, sour beer. I called in a big favor and got you a smart cool system which will keep your beer at the perfect temperature. There was nothing we could do with wieners on that one so we just taped one to the draft system.

draft beer.jpg

2 months later…

Drink sales were up by 20%
Food sales were up by 10%
And Weiners were up by 1,000,000%