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Additional Credits:
Cio De Mayo

So this is what you can do to have a tones of fun Cico De Mayo day. Start off by getting up at noon for your going to need your rest because your about to pull a 24 hour day. So after you get ready and you smell of AX it's a good time to call for a limo for the day/night. Then find all the chicks that are down for a day/night on the town for these Cico De Mayo party is going to be a long sloppy one. As you and the ladies get your bar crawl on make sure your only drinking 2 things tequila (or as your sloppy drunk ass will say DEkeylah!) and case them shots down with Corona beers as you use what ever spanish words you think you know the whole time. Also make sure to takes lots of pics and recorded some videos of tonight because there will be a whole lot of titties popping out tonight son. For the fact is this night will be a little bit hard to remember come the next night when you wake up. An hell if your night goes into the black out mode have fun with your pack down in Mexico my friend. An one more thing just stay out of Mexican jail (trust me on that one broz.) Your ass will thank me later for that one. So to end this mindless BS i say to i aint no gringo homez. HAPPY Cio De Mayo



DA Bullfrog