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August 16, 2008


After 43 years of roaming around on this earth.I'm still trying to figure if I'm a young curmudgeon or just a plain ass misanthrope.I do have a blog called misanthrope65.I was bitter at the age of 13 and just more bitter like a fine whine gets better with age.The other day i made my therapist exclaimed,"You've been through a lot of shit before the age of 8!!".I got a jump on cynicism and I like to considered myself as an optismistic pessimist.I know for a fact when the apocalypse comes it will be televised and commercialized.Cause,it's already big business. Don't let my hometown New Orleans know when it's gonna happen because they'll haveĀ  big parties and end of the world parades.I've done a hurricane party the night before Hurricane Katrina.An end of the world or unholy damnation blowout people wouldn't be sober when we all be damned to the lake of fire. I could see one of Satan's minions reporting to his boss,"Those fuckers from New Orleans keep pissing on the lake of fire and putting it out!".Back to the issue,curmudgeon versus misanthrope,I never was a perky teenager or twenty-something.I loved Heavy metal and not that glam hairspray shit that glut the airwaves.I was an originally die hard thrash/black/death/speed/power/grindcore/hardcore metal freak.Why?Cause,radio-friendly music died in the '70's due to disco,prog-rock and so-called easy listening shit.I like REM's"It's the end of the world as we know and i feel fine". Also,I like Sting's "if I ever lose faith in you',cause lost faith in everything.In the movie,Peggy Sue Got Married,Kathleen Turner said,"She wanted go to Liverpool and discovered the beatles!".I wanted to go back to the early '80's in San Francisco and got discover thrash metal.1984 my Summer of Hate.My comedy album was a George Carlin album when my Dad returned my Cheech and Chong album for being too dirty.I loved George Carlin's 70's stuff as well his 90's and recent stuff.I got this so-called bitter old man stuff.It took him 20 years to reach the bitterness I've had when i was 8 years old.Richard pryor was the first comic who spoke to me and said,"I'm as fucked up as you are and I'm the funniest man in the land.Richard pryor's legacy of humor kept me out of jail or the penitnetary.When I done stand-up I spewed more venom than Kinison,Leary,Rock,Pryor,Rudy Ray Moore,Robin Harris,Bernie mac,Bill hicks,Lewis Black and etc.. combined. I was the only comedian who I know to open up for the band,"Eyehategod".Here's a link to a site with a so-called definition of the word Curmudgeon.So do I bludgeon the word curmudgeon or is just me and misanthropy?Of course,when I'm dead I"ll be a genius.All assholes becomes genuises after death.That's better being a quiet man.That's what they always say about serial killers.More to come.