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November 07, 2010

This is a "Talladega Nights" Part 2 or The Legend of Billy Jeffery: Ride Hard. Two best friends get roped into pro bull riding and get trained by David Koechner (riding instructor) and Rob Riggle (clowning instructor). The two best friends find love interests and form special relationships with some animals. There is a mechanical bull scene and a cow fertilization clinic scene. There is a short cocky bull rider (Seth Green) and a mentally challenged person that saves the day. The end lets you down and redeems itself in the end.

Two friends get roped into a pro bull riding contest. One becomes a bull rider and the other becomes a rodeo clown to protect his best friend. They both have to undergo training.  There are parts written for Seth green (cocky cowboy) David Koechner (riding instructor) Rob Riggle (clowning instructor) and the leads would hopefully be played by Will Ferrell and John C. Riley. It  could be "Talladega Nights" 2. They were banned from racing for over-aggressive driving.  They become bored and end up not going fast, but going hard.