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August 21, 2008


I read a lot of rumors about Joe Biden is gonna be obama's running mate.Though,I just got a video in my favorites that says Hillary's fucking obama.Bill clinton would fuck an electric pencil sharpner.Hey,he was talking shit to Obama a few months back.I still would prefer Kayne West as VP.Even,50 cents or Yo Gotti,but they might be like Ben Franklin too smart to run for presdient or vice president.I heard Condi Rice don't want any more political offices.Good,she can work at payless and get an employee's discount so she can more shoes.She bought shoes when everyone was stuck in New orleans underwater after the leeves got blown up,I mean broke.Yeah,I was there.And whenever leeves break it's sounds like an explosion.I know how explosions sounds I lived in NOLA for 40 years.I heard enough molotov cocktails go off when a car explodes.Condi rice was on the BBC news in Pakistan,talking about shoes again,while commenting terrorists coming from Afghanistan and hiding in Pakistan.Who's McCain getting? I heard rumors about joe Lieb..witz and Bobby Jindal who I heard sold New orleans out.Instead,getting the money for the damage done in 2005 in 5 years;he opted to wait 30 years.If I was still a louisiana resident I would vote for the kid who stole the school bus and got 70 elderly people out of the water.And,to safety.Hell,he would be a great VP.At least,he done something.That's more you can say about most politicians.