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March 22, 2016

What is it like to be the best friend, but never have the best friend?

The Best Friend is the most romantic role you can play in someone’s life. The best friendship between two individuals has nuance not even experienced in the most complicated sexual relationship. Friendship is a romantic relationship without sex. We all know sex only makes things easier, sexuality exists on a spectrum and we are averse to incest only because it prevents families from joining other families and gaining societal power.

Anyway,with any delicate relationship, balance is always key. Some best friendships lack balance, which begs the question: what is it like to be the best friend, but never have the best friend? Three cultural figures weigh in on the complexities of one-sided friendships. *

Ryan Lewis


Cropped out Macklemore

“What’s weird is that I was always the cool one out of our “Ben and Ryan” duo in like middle and high school. Guys wanted to be me, girls wanted to get with me, and parents wanted me to be their offspring or whatever.I won “Most Likely To Succeed” in eighth grade. Ben didn’t win anything. Not that I ever held my popularity over Ben’s head. It’s not like I bring it up or think about it. It’s just something that came up when you asked about the best friend dynamic. Which we are. Best friends, that is. Ben is my best friend,whom I deeply respect and look up to. I am Ben’s best friend. I really make him laugh.”

— Ryan Lewis
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Michelle Williams


Cropped out Beyonce

“I know the jokes people make about Beyonce and me, but they never get to me. I know the truth. The truth is that Beyonce and me are like peanut butter and jelly, rice and soy sauce, cookie dough and the oven that bakes that cookie dough,occasionally burning it in the process. Friendship is a two-way street. Forexample, one time I dropped out of Harvard to give my heart, soul and vocal chords to Destiny’s Child when Beyonce asked me to. But like, when I asked Beyonce if I could be featured on one of her tracks, she said, “I’ll get back to you.” That woman is an angel. At the end of the day, it’s just all about reciprocity. That back and forth, back and forth. Oh, and before I forget, she favorites all my tweets. Like, almost every single one I post. Every fourth one, definitely.”

— Michelle Williams

Arthur Garfunkel


Could not find any solo photo of Garfunkel

“I’m really sad.”

— Art Garfunkel
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*We gave each contributor the opportunity to answer anonymously. Each requested providing all possible personal information, as this is the first media coverage they’ve had in “years.”