Former disgraced Congressman/walking-NY Post-dream Anthony Weiner has announced that he will run for mayor of New York. This is fantastic news if you've been waiting for "journalists" to break out all of their weiner puns. Either way, it's gonna happen, so we might as well just get them out of the way now and move on with our lives. Below is a list to get us started, but feel free to leave your own weiner wordplay in the comments.

  • Weiner Hard On Opponents
  • Weiner Big Amongst Women Voters
  • Weiner Rises to Beat Off Opponents
  • Weiner Firm During Speech
  • Weiner Has Strong Base
  • Weiner Spotted
  • Weiner Leans Far To The Left
  • Opponents Blasted By Weiner
  • Republicans Ready To Take Weiner
  • Weiner Shows Growth on Women's Rights Issues
  • Weiner Drills Union Chief in Public Session
  • Weiner Pumped
  • Tight Lipped Opponent an Obstacle for Weiner
  • Weiner Spouts Off On Fellow Democrats
  • Weiner Probe Comes Up Short
  • Penis Man Running For Mayor

Which ones did we miss? Leave them below. And don't hold back. Go ahead, dick it up, America!