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Published January 22, 2009
   When I was a kid I remember watching Walt Disney movies but now that I'm an adult with logic, I look back upon my childhood with my hand over my mouth as I I realize the message behind those PG ratings. For example, Mary Poppins was thought to be a movie about family values but don't be fooled.A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down. What parent lets a strange lady float up to their child's bedroom and feed them "medicine" out of a carpet bag?And you KNOW the only reason a man would laugh uncontrollably while having a tea party on the ceiling. Lay off the Maui Wowie uncle Albert.Their father was off at the bank while his children danced with a street bum on rooftops without a helmet.Pinocchio. Little boys who won't be good might as well be made of wood? What the heck? Where's the forgiveness in that statement?Why was it not strange for a crazy man to send a wooden puppet to a public school?If I saw an old man wishing he had a "real boy"  I would call the feds. Mr. Geppetto should be called Mr. Gepedophile  Here's a quick summary  of the real "morals" of these stories:The Little Mermaid. Kids should ignore their dads rules because it pays off in the end.Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Breaking and entering and living in a one bedroom with seven men is ok if you're homeless.Dumbo. Others will only except a deformed person if they can do something spectacular.Cinderella. If you have a pretty sister, she will get the hot guy in one night while you're stuck living with your mom and your other ugly sister.Alice in Wonderland. If a stranger offers you a pill, take it. You will go on an adventure and see strange characters. Lady and the Tramp. Good girls should fall in love with the man sluts  who comes from a broken home and runs from the law.If you would like to support a ban on Disney go to:' (I'm not serious. I love Disney...and if I could meet him in person I'm sure he would say, "ppplease ggget me out of tttthis cryonic chamber. ") FYI: Frozen Walt is only a myth.Thanks for reading my blog.