The topic was "Medical Fantasy" for the latest edition of #PunFun. Worried that it might have been too tricky for a follow-up, Twitter damn well proved me wrong and I got some amazing, brilliant responses. So here are my ten favorites!


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10. Colon the Barbituate - Saltwater Gypsy

9. Agents Skully and Mul-dermatitis - Ryn Vickery

8. "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Jaundice" - Heather Woodward

(Seasonaly appropriate, and gives a whole new meaning to yellow snow)

7. Bed-Sauron - AndrewGerngross

6. Remus Lupus - Diana Bailey

( I know Diana, in real life. Let's get her a million followers. Kthxbi) 

5. Spiderman-orexia  - Testa Ronica

4. Peter Pancreatic - TheOtherMissy

(And a few other Peter Pan jokes) 

3. Restless Legolas Syndrome - Rick White

2. X-Menopause - AllTheseAnswers

(Truly a "First Class" pun. Loved it because it's the sort of joke that's easy, but you'd never see it coming. Not even if you had a Proffessor  X-ray-vier) 

1. Game of Chrons - Corey Carrier 

(Almost passed a kidney stone right at my desk laughing. Well done, sir. Well. Done.) 


Big thanks again to all who entered! The next theme is even trickier. I'll see how you handle it. 

"NAUTICAL SHAKESPEARE"...... I'll start. "Manatee, thy name is woman!"  

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