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Domino Lady ( Ellen Patrick aka Domion Lady ( Kirsten Dunst ) she is just a human woman with powers of attractiveness, intellect, and marksmanship you dig players. ( A if you don’t dig go read some Domino Lady comic books you dicks ! ). So come uncover the sexy romp secrets of our stunning Blond Bombshell in Domino Lady ! The Domino Lady does whatever it takes, and uses whatever is at her disposal, to outthink and outplay those who prey upon the innocent. Sleeping with the enemy makes no difference with her, as long as she can put away the bad guys. Saucy Romantic Adventures with a real “spicy pulp” that is semi-pornographic is what you will see in Domino Lady ! The Domino Lady is really University of California, Berkeley-educated socialite Ellen Patrick. When her father, District Attorney Owen Patrick, is murdered she puts on a domino mask and a backless white dress to avenge him. She would arm herself with a .45 pistol and a syringe full of knockout serum, but often her best weapon was her beauty, which often distracted and entranced opponents, or at the very least led them to underestimate her, allowing her to outwit them. Such wiles rarely worked upon her female adversaries, however. She steals from her targets, donating most of the profits to charity after deducting her cut, and leaves a calling card with the words “Compliments of the Domino Lady”.“Side-notes: Pulp heroine Domino Lady was first published in May, 1936. Her first Appearance was Saucy Romantic Adventure. An her last comic book called Domion Lady issue #5 The Grapes of Graft;The Heart Castle Affair part 2 back on April 14 2010. So am telling you Domino Lady everything man it will be a big time hit baby for f in sure dogs ! Total Cult Classic 4-Life ! JUST DO iT ! )


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