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January 14, 2012

Why we should not be 100% sure that James Cameron had nothing to do with that Italian boat crash


Is it just me, or does James Cameron have too much money? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Lately, it seems as though in the box office, he can do no wrong. And by lately, I mean with the rerelease of the 1997 classic "Titanic." Of course we all what to see Kate and Leo do it in a car. A car that gets so steamy, in fact, that it's 1912 glass cannot handle the hotness of the two of them together. I was mad when it didn't shatter. What I do approve of, on the other hand, is that last scene where Rose tells Jack: "I'll never let go!" And then promptly does just that. Yes, I see the metaphor. And right after, she drifts on over to another guy and steals his whistle. What a klepto.  

Now yesterday, on Friday the 13th, an Italian ship named Costa Concordia went aground on a pretty Italian island, killing a few, and injuring many. Is this the fault of Captaino Francesco Schettino, a seemingly blithering drunk a la his arrest photo? Perhaps. But I submit to the members of the conspiratorial squad that James Cameron, our beloved creator of the movie Titanic in 3D (not to be confused with Titanic 2 or 3, which have merit for being absolutely crazy in trying to make a sequel to a real event) was on the ship, causing ruckus for the sake of his movie from poor earnings. Anything for a box office blockbuster! If this did happen, I have to say bravo. Bravo for making me want to see Titanic in 3D, just so I can commiserate with those who were brought about a ship, told they were safe, and were promptly shoved off after hitting a humongous object that could have been easily avoidable. 

What do you think?



UPDATE: Now the news is reporting an old couple that was found in the Costa Concordia. Sad coincidence? I hope not. If I were you I would get out those pitchforks now and head for James Cameron's version of Skywalker Ranch.